Alexandra Robinson - Pastry Chef - Mom & Business Owner - Lover of Sweets

Alex is the creator and baker behind all things BEB. Her passion shines through in her sweets. She studied under some incredible pastry chefs in both Los Angeles and Paris. Instilled with values of good ingredients and European methods, she takes no shortcuts on flavor. Her favorite little pastries to experiment with are french macarons, the flavor possibilities are endless. 


What you can expect from the Blue Eyed Baker...

  • everything is made from scratch, from graham crackers to caramel

  • no corn syrup or artificial flavors

  • real butter, no shortening

  • the most natural ingredients, bought locally when possible


Nick Robinson - Croissant Perfecter - Idea Man

This is Nick, who married a baker with her own business and therefore got roped into the madness. Ha, but for real my husband loves this bakery as much as I do. He works full time, is a new dad, and goes to grad school but somehow manages to play a big role in the business too! From carrying heavy bags of flour, to charming everyone at the markets, and making all of the croissants... yes that’s right he hand rolls ALL of our croissants. When I was pregnant I was like “hey I need help rolling these,” and with a little training he became obsessed, did a lot of research, and perfected the technique. He’s the man of a million ideas (and I let him execute about 1% of them😂) but come check out his newest venture, breakfast sandwiches! At the EA Farmers market on Saturday’s, and man are they good.

Tori Ferraina - Marketing & Events - Pastry Enthusiast 

Tori helps out with our sales and marketing here at BEB. She loves everything about food, especially desserts! As a former loyal customer turned BEB team member, she is more than happy to talk endlessly with you about macarons, croissants, and all of our bakery creations. You can find Tori out at the farmers market and at BEB special events.


Alex Robinson

Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson

Tori Ferraina

Tori Ferraina